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About South Padre Island Beaches

Padre Island Rentals recognizes that you come to here to be on the beach, to be out in the sun, to relax and unwind. There is something magical about stepping out onto the soft white sand, being hit by the smell of the gentle ocean breeze, feeling the penetrating rays of the sun, and listening to the sound of waves lapping up onto the shore. You’ll never want to leave. Let us provide you with a few tips on how best to enjoy our South Padre Island beaches, along with a few safety tips.

South Padre Island Beaches FAQs

Where can I go, and not go on the beach?

All beaches in Texas are public. Condominiums and homes on the beach do not own the sand all the way out to the water. For that reason, you see public beach accesses up and down Gulf Blvd. You are welcome to use any public beach access, just be careful where you park.

Renting a property from Padre Island Rentals on the beachfront, of course, lets you walk right onto the beach, but be aware you are sharing the beach with others.

What can or should I take with me onto the beach?

Perhaps the two most important items are sunscreen and sandals. Here on the 26th Parallel, the sun can get intense, even when it is partly cloudy or overcast. The sand is a very fine grain beige sand and can get extremely hot. The sand gets much cooler the closer you get to the water.

  • You can load up a wagon and take most anything else you want out to the beach as you pick that perfect spot for the day.
  • Some kind of shade, be it an umbrella, a popup tent or just poles and a tarp, is advisable.
  • An ice chest with drinks. While you are on the water it is still easy to get dehydrated. NOTE: It is against local ordinance to have any kind of glass bottle or container on the beach. Broken glass is nearly invisible in the sand.
  • Beach chairs and beach towels will add to your comfort on the beach. South Padre Island City Ordinance requires that you remove all chairs and umbrellas before sun down.

Please note that Padre Island Rentals does not provide beach towels, beach chairs, umbrellas or ice chests. Items found in the homes and condominiums need to remain there unless specified for beach use.

If I see vacant chairs & umbrellas can I use them?

Generally, no, unless provided by the condominium. Even then you will likely need to reserve them. Properties managed by Padre Island Rentals that offer beach rentals will be noted in the property description. A general price range for rental of an umbrella and two chairs are from $25.00 to $45.00 per day. NOTE: Windy conditions sometimes make it unsafe to have umbrellas open, Beach Service Companies will close the umbrellas when wind conditions make their use unsafe. Be sure to follow there example if you bring your own umbrella to the beach.

There are beach services, such as Jim’s Beach Service and The Beach Service that will rent chairs and umbrellas by the day at a variety of locations on the beach if you do not want to bring your own.

Are there cautions to be aware of as we get into the water?

Isla Blanca Park, during the busy times of year, provides lifeguards. There are no lifeguards provided on most of the other South Padre Island beaches.

On many of the public beach accesses the city has provided a Flag Advisory System. The signs advise you of the general condition of the surf. Please take notice of which flag may be up and read the signs.

What are the best times of the year to go to the beach?

There is never a bad time to come to South Padre Island and go to the beach!

  • Spring on South Padre Island is an eventful time to be on the beach. Spring Break primarily occurs during one week in March and no matter the influx, there is plenty of availability around those busy dates. The weather is warm with the occasional lagging fronts and spring rains.
  • Summer is summer! The ocean breezes generally keep the island 10 plus degrees cooler than places 40 or 50 miles inland.
  • Fall is our underutilized season. Some of the best weather all year is in the months of September October, and November.
  • Winter is still a wonderful time on the island. Ask all our Winter Texans. Many days they will be on the beach just like it is summer.

We invite you to enjoy South Padre Island at all times during the year. Our Padre Island Rentals email newsletter keeps you up to date with special offers and events on South Padre Island. Get signed up today!

Are South Padre beaches pet-friendly?

There are a number of pet-friendly beaches in and around South Padre, so pack up the family pet and bring them along with you on your beach vacation! Here is some additional information about local dog-friendly beaches or get planning your stay by checking out our available pet-friendly rentals!