South Padre Island Surfing

The water calls to you when you visit South Padre Island, and what better way to hit it than on a surfboard, paddle board, or kite board? The island has a deep rooted surfing culture that extends from traditional shoreline surfing into a number of similar sports such as stand-up paddle boarding, wind surfing, boogy boarding, and kite surfing. Each of these activities gets participants out onto the water on their respective specialty board. Although the variety can seem daunting, these sports are all similar in nature. Learn more about boarding and surfing Padre Island during your visit.

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South Padre Island Kiteboarding

Also referred to as kite surfing,  this newer activity is best described as snowboarding or skateboarding on the water. Different from wakeboarding, kiteboarding gives the user more control as they utilize a wind-powered kite as their means of power rather than a boat. Many people use interchangeably the terms kiteboarding, kite boarding, kite surfing, and kitesurfing, however most people that live and work along the shores and in the industry refer to kiteboarding as flat water riding, and kitesurfing as wave riding with the same gear.

Either way, as this hot sport continues to grow as a local favorite we see more and more people getting out to try it, and more and more shops offering gear for rent or purchase.

Plan a trip to South Padre Island, get a vacation rental with Padre Island Rentals and give this great sport a test drive of your own!

Surf Lessons South Padre Island

Find South Padre Island surf lessons, rentals, and gear retailers at these local shops along the water.

The South Padre Island Surf Company

Padre Island Rentals vacation planners Robert, Craig, Xiomara, and Brenda are always looking for activities to recommend to our customers. Probably one of the most frequently asked questions is “What is there to do to keep our teens occupied on South Padre Island”. We discovered that “surf lessons” is the answer to that question.

Once your teens or tweens try surfing, they are hooked for life. We have been recommending the South Padre Island Surf Company and our customers have been thanking us for it. The South Padre Island Surf Company holds lessons daily year round! Come learn to surf on the fun waves of South Padre Island! Learn surfing, paddling technique and ocean safety from Gene and Rachel Gore, Texas only year round professional surfing instructors. The offer 1 hour as well as 3 hour lessons or you can just rent a surfboard. Call or text 956-772-7272, or 956-408-0488 Tell them that their friends at recommended them.

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