Experience Pet-Friendly Padre Island

A stroll on the white sandy beaches of the island can be a memorable experience, particularly when staying in a vacation home managed by Padre Island Rentals. Now imagine that experience while accompanied by “man’s best friend”. We invite you to checkout all the available South Padre Island pet-friendly rentals currently in our inventory.

What to Know Before Bringing Your Pets to South Padre Island, TX

Puppy laying on the beach - Welcome to Pet Friendly South Padre Island

South Padre Island Code of Ordinances requires your dog to be leashed and under control at all times. Please be respectful of other visitors and never allow your dog to chase wildlife. Dogs need to be vaccinated against rabies by the age of sixteen weeks to bring to your vacation rental on South Padre Island. Owners can be cited for their dog disturbing the peace by continuously barking or howling. Review Pet-friendly Vacation Policies on South Padre Island for more information.

Know how to keep your pet safe! Never leave your pet tied up somewhere or unattended in a vehicle due to the potential of heat exhaustion at any time of the year. Car temperatures can rise quickly and become fatal. Be aware of wildlife dangers harmful to pets, such as rattlesnakes. Make sure to bring plenty of water for pets (and yourself!), take shade from the heat periodically and bring bags to pick up after your pet.

Help us keep South Padre Island clean and beautiful for all pets and guests!

Things to Do on South Padre Island With a Dog

Visit the variety of South Padre Island dog-friendly restaurants— a few even have a dog menu! If you are unsure if a nearby restaurant is dog-friendly, we recommend calling them ahead of time to confirm its pet policy.

Pets are not allowed on the deck of South Padre’s Malaquite Pavilion, including its facilities, the boardwalk to the beach or the stretch of beach in front of the Pavilion. Service animals are welcome in all areas and facilities complying with all federal policies.

Pet owners can still enjoy the park, however, thanks to a pet access trail to the beach from the parking lot. When you reach the beach from the trail, stay to the left of the beach as the right is not open to pets. You’ll also find restrooms and rinse-off showers nearby the pet access trail.

South Padre Island Offers Pet Friendly Beaches

Of course, if you plan to bring your dog on vacation with you, it’s exciting to know that South Padre Island beaches are mostly pet-friendly. Public beaches allow responsible pet owners to walk and play with their dogs on the beach, as long as you obey the leash and cleanup rules.

We recommend checking out this additional information about bringing your family pet or pup on vacation with you:

    • South Padre Island Beaches Welcome Dogs
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South Padre Island Pet Friendly Rentals

Padre Island Rentals has a somewhat generic policy regarding pets. Small, well-mannered, non-shedding breeds of dogs, with responsible parents, are allowed in some of the fine homes and condos available through Padre Island Rentals. See our complete list of Pet-Friendly units.

It is important to know that Padre Island Rentals does not accept, in any unit at any time, cats, miniature horses, reptiles or other animals that may be considered pets. Guests who have not received approval to have pets in either pet-friendly or non-pet friendly units will be subject to eviction and/or forfeiture of their Damage Deposit. Most service animals meet the criteria above and are welcomed.

Padre Island Rentals wants to make your vacation a memorable experience. Having a “best friend” along can make it that much better. Reserve your Pet-Friendly short term vacation rental home or condo now!