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Mother’s Day, South Padre Island and Gravity Park

Mother’s Day on South Padre Island

It’s been a few years, my mother has passed on, but I was recently reminded of an experience on South Padre Island with my family at Gravity Park.

My parents were always good at getting us together as a family. Every few years we would have a family reunion somewhere. This particular time it was on South Padre Island where our business, Padre Island Rentals, is located. Besides, it was easy to get everyone to come to the beach.

As part of our vacation, we went to Gravity Park – Reverse Bungee, Miniature Golf, Giant Swing, Go-cart Track and more. [note – bungee jump no longer offered] As we walked into the Gravity Park area, in front of Louie’s Backyard, it’s easy to think you can do it all. Actually doing it… that’s another thing.

Well before I knew what was happening my 60 something mother is over at the Bungee Jump strapping on a harness. She climbed the stairs to the lower level jump platform. (At least she was not taking on the higher jump where they lift you in a cage.) And off the platform she comes!

So here I am, all the bravado of “I can do anything here” in my mind, in my face and in my walk – and my mother just bungee jumped like it was another day at the beach. I swallowed hard and proceeded to find a harness that would match my girth; I am not a small person weighing in at nearly 300 lbs. The staff at Gravity Park pulled out the thickest bungee cord they had.

On the platform looking down my life did not flash before my eyes, but I did suddenly grow feathers. Unfortunately, like a chicken, not enough to fly. I could not back down now, after all, my mother had just done it.

A frightening moment to be sure – only to have my fears realized. It was a long trip down. Time slowed to a crawl. I could see the air bag below coming at me. I can almost remember the pattern on top. It kept coming, and coming, and coming, until I hit it with some force. Their best bungee cord displayed elasticity like never before, but it did not break. I was not hurt beyond a little abrasive burn from the air bag. In better shape was my ego, having made the leap and preserved my pride.

I will never forget that time with my mother. This weekend is Mother’s Day. I encourage you to make memories with your mothers, and what better place than the beaches of South Padre Island.